ARRICA ROSE + the ...'s


Arrica Rose's Technicolour Blue ep lands the #1 slot on the NACC Chill Charts, maintains its position in the top 10 for 20 weeks, and lands at #2 in Chill on NACC's Best of 2021.

Arrica Rose's Technicolour Blue ep lands on the Roots Report's Best Contemporary Folk albums of 2021. RootsReport

"If we were still in a musical era dominated by record albums, major labels, and rock radio, I'd predict stardom for Arrica Rose. As is, who knows? One thing's for sure: she deserves to be famous. There's not a bad song on this dreamy, ethereal, beautifully sung album..." - Jeff Burger, NO DEPRESSION

"With solid backing from her band The …'s (The Dot Dot Dots), Arrica Rose has cemented her position in the canon of great singer-songwriters." Chuck Foster THE BIG TAKEOVER

"an unassuming but eloquent masterpiece of an album..." - Dave Cantrell  STEREOEMBERS MAGAZINE (one of StereoEmbers Top 40 albums of 2014)

WAVEFUNCTION on Echoes Top 25 albums for October - ECHOES distributed by Public Radio International and broadcast on 130 stations nationwide

Arrica Rose has the gravitas to inhabit any number of personas - rocker grrrl, pop diva, folk storyteller, indie confessionalist. The L.A. based singer-songwriter displays much of that range on the new Arrica Rose & the …'s album Wavefunction. - Kevin Bronson  BUZZBANDS.LA (special mention in Buzzbands Top albums of 2014)

"Wavefunction is a grower and a keeper. Arrica Rose's voice is as soothing as it is powerful…" - Rob Ross POPDOSE

"Wavefunction coheres into a highly individual whole, possessing a wide array of influences intermingling with large doses of personality and skill as vibrant youthfulness matches veteran confidence." - Joseph Neff  THE VINYL DISTRICT

"…a singer whose arched attitude often brings to mind such iconoclasts as Berlin, The Motels, and MIssing Persons…Nearly every song [on Wavefunction] blends a sultry sensuality with a hard and fast defiance." - Lee Zimmerman BLURT MAGAZINE

"Love You Like That and California on Repeat should be all over the radio airwaves…" HIGHWIRE DAZE (one of Highwire Daze Top 10 albums of 2014)

"Let Alone Sea is a constant treat of tranquil elegance." - ITUNES Official Review

"This is a fantastic album, instantly accessible but gaining depth and nuance every time you put it on." - Jennifer Kelly BLURT MAGAZINE
  (#19 in Blurt's Top 50 albums of 2011)

"...'Nothing Nada Nothing', one of the best indie rock tracks released this year." - Austin Trunick CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

"Arrica Rose was the subject of POPDOSE's most popular 'Download Now' feature - and for good reason. Her rich voice weaves a tapestry of influences from Mazzy Star and Neko Case to the Andrew sisters and the Cowboy Junkies. Critics, bloggers and her feverish fanbase gushed, swooned, and whispered loudly over her dark, dreamy, cinematic, and enthralling ep, Lucky. - Keith Creighton POPDOSE


"Contemplating the hazy space between Billie Holiday and Mazzy Star, Arrica Rose's intuitive guitar and introverted yet iron-willed utterances create sounds both mellow and dramatic...More produced than ever yet still almost chewably organic, Arrica Rose's effortlessly sensual music places little filter between her fears and longings and our own." - Paul Rogers LA WEEKLY

"It's rare to come across a recording that has synched the three pillars of modern popular music - song, style, and personae. Arrica Rose and her band, the ...'s, new record Let Alone Sea is the closest I've heard in ages. It's winning as a piece of song-craft. Melodies that soar and poetry that conveys real emotion. Songs you can sing and share knowing the hooks will do their work. But this isn't a mere singer-songwriter excercise: it's the recordings that are the magic here. Rose and her producer Dan Garcia have built airy soundscapes with an eclectic blend of instumentation that falls on the ear as an evolution in folk music." - Grant Langston L.A. RECORD

"Employing dreamy rock with a sea-salt haze, Rose's newest record is a smoky testament to new forms of folk." - AOL's SPINNER

"Those ellipses L.A. songstress Arrica Rose has tacked onto her band name represent tacit acknowledgment to the many contributors who worked on her third release, “Let Alone Sea.” But the punctuation in Arrica Rose & the ...'s (say: “dot dot dots”) could also be a metaphor for her songwriting skins. Rose takes her pointed confessionals and precise phrasing into pop, classic rock and Americana territory over the course of the album’s nine originals, hitting home with the folky, understated “Nothing Nada Nothing” and the breathy, spy-pop “We Made Out Alright.” She wraps the whole burrito by marrying “Video Killed the Radio Star” with “Wonderful World,” a nifty sleight-of-hand that alone testifies Rose can wear whatever skin she wants." - Kevin Bronson BUZZBANDS LA (one of Buzzbands.LA's 100 local favorites of 2011)

"Her golden singing voice comes as easily as the act of talking. On the new album entitled "Let Alone Sea", Rose is as dynamic as ever. The touches of Nashville with her smooth, moody voice, also carry a strong authentic tone that makes the listener feel at home." - Karla Hernandez THE DELI
(nominated for The Deli's Favorite Emerging Artist of 2011)

Arrica Rose's & the ...'s Sail Away #11 on WXPN Sleepyhollow's Best 25 songs of 2011

"Rose's brand of slow soulful rock shines…" - VENUS ZINE

"A cover song can be like an old saw about Forest Gump's box of chocolates but in this case it's pure musical MarieBell...One person described [Video Killed The Radio Star (Wonderful World)] as a Cowboy Junkies-style rendition, which is apt, but there's a lot more going on here everything from early 70's laurel canyon folk to opiated Mazzy Star to some of Lykke Li's more esoteric and muted wanderings." - Fred Mills BLURT MAGAZINE


"Let Alone's chock full of the hook-filled folk-pop which is the group's trademark. While sounding thoroughly contemporary, Arrica Rose's sound is rooted in the classic pop of the 60's with nods to even earlier eras like harmonies heard on 40's swing recordings." - POPMATTERS


Arrica Rose's cover of Tragedy featured by ESQUIRE as one of the 'Best Covers of All Time'


Arrica Rose's Let Alone Sea and Pretend I'm Fur featured as iTunes New & Noteworthy releases


"Rose is a force to be reckoned with...With a sound reminiscent of artists such as Patti Smith, The Ditty Bops, and CocoRosie, Rose masterfully brings indie-rock, alternative, and folk to a whole new level with this album." - Katie Burnett, PERFORMER MAGAZINE

Arrica Rose and I HEART  featured in Los Angeles Times' Brand X (more press on I HEART here)

"It's been a while since I've heard new music that I immediately liked. The last two bands I latched onto this quickly were the White Stripes and Modest Mouse. I now have another one. Los Angeles based Arrica Rose and the Dot Dot Dots have recently released their first full-length CD, People Like Us. It's a 12-song effort filled with poetry disguised as lyrics and music with a country/blues/bluegrass/rock sound. Rose's voice sounds strangely familiar but different too...Her song writing ability, though, reminds me of Bob Dylan, where the songs could be poems if the music was stripped away." - Corey Russell, DAILY SUN


"The magnetic appeal is Arrica’s voice, the heretofore mentioned smoky, evocative sounds of Karen Carpenter, had Carpenter been allowed to play edgier music...Comparisons aside, Arrica Rose and the. . .’s have their own distinct sound, and Arrica has her own significant voice." - Crystal Kline, TULSA TODAY